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English 12

English 12 is a course that is designed for students proceeding to university or a university transfer program.

Through the integration of reading, writing, listening and viewing, it is designed to reinforce and extend student’s knowledge of the English language.

The course is well-organized and has a steady pace, which assists students in developing a solid study plan, in result maximizing their learning experience.

The course contains the total of 5 modules. After completing the course, the student can receive their results in order to apply to college.


Communications 12

Communication 12 helps students examine and improve upon the various communication skills used in workplace and in everyday life.

The course will help you to understand the influence of mass media and technology. After completing the course, students will have improved their written and oral communication skills thus explore various types of workplace communications.



Math 12

Math 12 provides students with the mathematical understandings and critical-thinking skills for post-secondary studies that require the study of Calculus. After completing Math 12, students may choose to take Calculus 12 to continue to develop the conceptual knowledge and skill set that will be useful for them moving forward to post-secondary programs that require Calculus.



Chemistry 12 / Biology 12

Chemistry 12/Biology 12 are courses provided for those who are looking to get into nursing programs or any other related fields. The courses will be taught by highly experienced teachers along with excellent source of material. Students will be looking to excel in learning the basic foundation of science to more advance topics in a short period of time