A composition may have any effective and appropriate method of development which includes any combination of exposition, persuasion, description, and narration. No form of writing should be considered better to another. Compositions that do not contain paragraphs will be deducted one scale point.



The 6 paper meets all the needs for a 5 paper, and it is superior and/or extremely engaging. In addition, the paper may also have any of the following: maturity of style, effectiveness of argument, use of literary and/or examples, depth of discussion, sophistication of wit, or quality of imagination. Overall, this would be a rather creative writing piece.


The 5 paper is an example of excellent writing. It shows some manipulation of language to achieve a desired effect. It exhibits a strong voice and clear sense of audience. Content is thoughtful and interesting. Any errors which are present do not detract from the reader’s understanding. Vocabulary and sentence structure are varied and serve the author’s purpose successfully.


The 4 paper is clearly adequate. The writing is able to convey the writer’s ideas, but lacks strong control. Command of language and syntax are usually appropriate, but lack variety. Structure, regardless of type, is predictable and relatively mechanical. The reader has a clear sense of the writer’s purpose, but is not engaged in the writing itself. Conventions of language are usually followed, but the reader is aware of errors.


The 3 paper is barely adequate. The paper features underdeveloped paragraphs. Transition may be weak or absent. Support for obvious and simplistic ideas is frequently in the form of listed detailed, instead of well structured sentences. Little variety in use of language and sentence structure is not clear. Although the reader may be aware of some purpose, errors lower the fluency of the paper.


The 2 paper shows familiarity with common spoken language in casual conversation or in the writing of one not fully conversant with the language (poor use of sentences/words). It only helps a subject focus with some unity of direction. Underdeveloped ideas are simply and/or awkwardly expressed, as they might be in casual conversation. The paper reflects little knowledge of the use of language; errors are frequent and to be of basic level. The reader can perceive meaning and detect a purpose emerging.


The 1 paper is so full by its shortness and its deficiency of composition, content, use of language, syntax, structure, voice and convention of language as to reader its meaning/purpose almost not understandable.



A paper with less than a complete sentence, or written in proper format, or a paper manifesting an achievement less than outlined in scale point 1.



A blank paper with no response given.

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