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Non-Graduated Adult Students

If you are over 19 and have been out of school over a year, you may qualify for an Adult Graduation program.

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The Adult Graduation Program requires 20 credits towards graduation. To be eligible for the Adult Graduation Program (Adult Dogwood), the student must be at least 19 years of age, and must take at least three required courses to graduate as an adult.

  • English 12 or Communication 12
  • A Mathematics 11 or 12 course (could include Accounting 11)


Three courses from a list that includes all Ministry-authorized grade 12 courses and Social Studies 11.

Please note that Graduated Adults qualify for FREE courses from the following list :

  • English 11/12
  • Communications 11/12
  • any Math 11
  • any Math 12
  • Calculus 12
  • Chemistry 11/12
  • Biology 11/12
  • Physics 11/12 


Or choose from our wide selection of online and paper-based courses. 


Provincial exams are optional for students on the Adult Graduation Program. It should be noted that some post-secondary institutions may not accept examinable courses for admission purposes unless the Grade 12 provincial exam has been written.

The Adult Graduation program is free and is outlined at the following Ministry of Education website:

Adult Graduation Program.
If you have additional questions about the Adult Graduation program, Contact Us to find out more.