Spring Boot Camp


Does your child want to imporve school performance?

Does your child want to strengthen their learning abilities?


World Vision Academy is currently accepting registration for Spring Boot Camp!  For a list of programs offered, please refer to wvacademy.ca OR call 604-588-5857.




Novel Studies ( Grades 6 to 8 , 9 to 12 )
This course will help students develop skills of critical reading and writing , including fiction reading comprehension, vocabulary learning , grammar and writing.
  All the essential components for success in understanding literature!

SAT & SAT Subject Tests (
Grades 10 to 11 )
Upcoming SAT candidates need intense sprint in the shortest possible time
. Training courses provide students with high efficiency through quality teaching and practice.  This is the perfect preparation for successful test results!

iBT TOEFL classes train students to master exam
taking skills and help students get high scores!

Grammar and Writing ( Grades 8-12 )
English grammar is one of the most difficult
area in learning English . The syntax is very important in any writing. This course is designed to be interesting and useful. It will include learning parts of speech , sentence , tense, and many grammatical rules to help students apply them in writing.  Learn to edit yourself!

Workshops ( Grades 8-12 )
The course will explore Shakespeare's masterpiece
s . For example , " Romeo and Juliet ," " Othello ," " Hamlet ," " King Lear " and " Macbeth ."  Our teachers help students appreciate and enjoy the wonderful world of Shakespeare.  Real interest in the subject will lead to high grades!

Classes ( 10 to Grade 12 )
Help strengthen and prepare students in all AP courses
(History, Biology, Chemistry, World History, Calculus).  Get ahead and get credits for university!